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Hi!! I'm Lil!

I Love Horror, photography, Anime and Manga...
But what I love most is One Piece.


[Real World Series] The Charites from Greece

Hi babes, Lil here~~ 

Today is time for Beni, Akasha and Leanne 
"performing" (xD) as The Charites: 
Beni/Aglaea "Splendor"
Akasha/Euphrosyne "Mirth"
Leanne/Thalia "Good Cheer"

Well, They are The Charites but they aren't naked as the usual pics about them. 
They are in my way, of course ._.

I'm sorry if I was more excited than expected about this picture
but mythology (Nordic and Greek in particular) drives me crazy >//w//<

As always, I love Beni's ears xD 
She looks like a little nymph~~

Yay~~ I only have one Greek OC left to draw! 
(I'll submit her soon, sure)


And Hope you like it~~ 

Next coming --> Dunno xD 

Beni by :iconbeni-kun:
Akasha by :iconmochacherry:
Leanne by :iconvero-light:
Art by :iconcursedsnail: 
OP belongs to Oda-Sensei~

[OP OC] Kuragari Enma + Profile

Hi babes, Lil here~~

Here you are, my dear Enma!!
I really wanted to upload this picture

I'll be adding more info little by little.





Name: Kuragari Enma.
Epithet: Ikari no Oni (Wrath Demon)
Nickname: Ginger (By Eri, he hates it)
Gender: Male.
Age: 25
Birthday: 13 of August (O-bon, Day of the Dead)
Birthplace: Wa no Kuni.
Residence: None.
Birth parents: Kuragari Heiji, Father (Dead) Kuragari Shurin, Mother (Dead) 
Relatives: Kuragari Ryuuken, Grandfather (Alive) (Enma doesn't know that Ryuuken is his grandfather)
Sexual Orientation: Hetero
Couple: ------
Race: Human
Bounty: 127.000.000
Occupation: Errant, sometimes Bounty Haunter.
Affiliate to: Eri 
Position in the group: First fighter
Currently: Looking for revenge.
Motto: “I’ll judge you to hell” “They see me as a demon. Well, then I’ll be a real demon”



Height: 188 Cm

Weight: 82 Kg

Blood type: A

Hair: Dark red, Short in front and long behind, collected in two thick braids.

Eye color: Green.

Scars: He has two scars on his cheek, he made them when he was a child.

Marks: -------




Personality: He's is quite confident and sure of himself. It bothers him that anybody tells him what to do and is easily irritated when Eri takes the opposite.

Enma is peaceful, quiet and usually patient. All that ends when Eri and he engages in any kind of conversation; the two are continually fighting, yet they respect each other. When they fight together, no one can stop them.

He is quite aware of itself, does not like attention and prefers solitude.

Like all samurai, he has a strong sense of honor and will do whatever it takes to collect his revenge in case of being wounded in pride.

With all this, during the battles can become very ruthless. His nickname, "Demon of the Wrath" was granted to him after it caused a massacre, seeming that a true devil had destroyed everything.

Enma comes from a long line of samurai, as such is a great swordsman, yet never uses a katana, instead he always holds a gigantic mace.

He deeply hates his Akuma no mi, although he admits easily to be a true demon.

*Enma* Oni desu. *Peace simbol, shines*

Although he disagrees, and they are always fighting, he always respects Eri's decisions.

Likes: Sake (But can't stand alcohol well)

Dislikes: Hates everything supernatural, That includes Eri and Becca (But he is learning to endure them ^^’’)

Favorite season: Summer.

Favorite food: Oden.

Favorite drink: Yoro Wine.




Enma is significantly more powerful than Eri, yet he decided to follow her and help her trip.

Despite that, Enma is unable to completely control his ability and this endangers the group on several occasions.



Devil Fruit: 

 Oni Oni no mi (Demon-Demon)

Model: Enma Daimao (Big King Enma)

Type: Mythological Zoan.

(Well, at first I thoutgh this one for Matt, but it suits more for Enma ^^ Matt’s okay with the Byakko one~~)


Devil Fruit abilities: 

 As a Mythological Zoan, it gives you the “Arts of Jigoku”

Jigoku is divided into:

The eight fiery hells.

The eight hellish hells.

And, above all of them, Enma Den. The Hall of the Great King Enma.


Has three forms, with each Enma can control the power of each Great Hell.


- Akaoni; (Red Demon) His skin color changes to red and grows a white horn in the middle of his forehead. This one gives him the powers from The eight fiery hells.

His blows have the power of fire. (Obviously, not?)


- Aooni; (Blue Demon) His skin color changes to blue and grows two black horns at both sides of his forehead. Unlike the Akaoni, This gives him the power of cold and ice to his blows, from the eight hellish hell.

Sketch Oni-Oni no Mi 

- Daio Oni Enma; (Demon King Enma) This is his complete transformation, the most powerful version of his Akuma no mi. Enma is unable to control it completely, and can injure his own comrades if he loses control (It happens more often than he admits)His skin turns dark red, three big horns grow on his forehead, his lower tusks grow equally over his upper lip and his whole body reaches a height of four meters.

In his final form, Enma can use the power of previous transformations.


Weapons: Although Enma comes from a long line of samurai, he never wears a katana or sword, instead he wields a gigantic metal mace to which he calls "Baku" (Dream Eater) Since it can destroy and crush with pleasure, it is also so heavy that only lifting it serves to train his strength and agility.
Sometimes Enma talks to Baku as if it were alive.


Fighting Style: Swordsman. (Yes, he uses Baku as if it were a sword.)




- Observation Haki; Was born with the ability to use it.

- Armor Haki; He doesn't know how to use it, but throughout their journey Eri will teach him how.




- AkaOni: Jigoku no Hi. (Flames from Hell)

- AoOni: Jigoku no Korudo. (Cold from Hell)

- Daio Oni:

   Jigoku no Hi: Mugen (Flames from Hell: Infinite)

   Jigoku no Saiban: Dai-Kyoukan (Hell of the Great Scream)

   Jigoku no Saiban: Avīci (Final Hell)



Weakness: It's a too powerful Akuma no mi, Enma was forced to eat it to save his life and is unable to handle it completely, this has endangered the group on several occasions, making Eri and Enma fight seriously and Nix was wounded.

Enma can control well its two basic transformations, AkaOni and AoOni, but the final transformation is something he only use when the danger is real, otherwise Enma would never use it.

He hates his power with all his soul, so he doesn't strive to control it either.







- Kuragari Heiji, Father (Dead) His father taught him everything he knows and trained with him. He was killed the same night as his mother, the day that Enma ate his Akuma no mi.

- Kuragari Shurin, Mother (Dead) His mother was kind and loving with him always, she died with her husband the day that Enma ate his Akuma no mi.

- Kuragari Ryuuken, Grandfather (Alive) (Enma doesn't know that Ryuuken is his grandfahter.) Enma never met his grandfather since Ryuuken was exiled from Wa no Kuni years before Enma was born.

After Enma loses control of his ability, wounding Nix and Eri (She had to stop him) Eri leads her group along with the Mugiwara to seek help and advice.

Mega talks them about Ryuuken, since send them to Wa no Kuni wasn't an option. (He vowed to not step on that country ever again)

When they arrive at Ryuuken's wandering island, recognizes his grandson and agrees to train him in the Arts of Jigoku (Because, although the ability gives you power over them it is possible to learn them without having to eat a Akuma no mi)

 (I need to update Ryuuken's Profile Rage )



- (I’ll be adding info)


Eri’s group: 


- Eri, His first impression was not good. Eri's presence horrified him and for a time he refused to look her at the face, even now he is unable to look into her eyes. They met as enemies, but Eri made a big impression on him. He finally joined her on her journey, being her first partner, they have great respect and esteem for each other, but their characters collide and spend fighting most of the time.

- Becca, From the beginning the idea of Becca has horrified him (Its mere existence), and more when he discovers that the ghost follows him everywhere, harassing him. Little by little he has grown accustomed to it/her; To see it in its spiritual form, carries a relic of her corpse (her little finger) always in his pocket.

- Nix, The decision of the girl to join the group was indifferent, however, after losing control and hurt her, Enma apologized deeply, tilting his head (touching the floor) Nix and Kou stopped him, claiming that a warrior should not bow his head with his companions.

- Kou (I’ll upload a picture soon) As Enma, Kou appeared as an enemy. The destiny of the group and Kou's crossed with a common enemy, and he join their journey. Enma distrusted him from the beginning, but everything changed when Kou saved his life.

They are good companions and nothing can stop them when they fight together. Eri, Enma and Kou are The Monster Trio of this group. 




- (I’ll add more~~)




- (the same as before)




Warning: Enma's story (some details) will change or not in the future, I want to wait to see Wa no Kuni Saga in the original manga. I don't know... Well, everything about the country ._.  

His age may change too...


His Past:


- The Kuragari Clan (Gloom) from Wa no Kuni was a line of great warriors known for using the Jigoku Arts. For generations the clan guarded a strange fruit that possessed the power of hell (The mythological Akuma no mi)

During Roger's Era, the leader of the Clan, Kuragari Ryuuken, was exiled by the Shogun to a cursed wandering island. His son, Kuragari Heiji assumed the duty to take care of the Akuma no mi.

Years later Heiji married Shujin and had Enma.

(I'm still not sure what the death of Enma's parents will be like, it may be related with the beast pirates... Or that may not finally fit my idea... I still don't know ._. Be patient ^^’’)

At age eleven, Enma was "forced" to eat the mythological Akuma no mi from his Clan after seeing how his parents were killed. Enma was looking for power, but it got out of hand.

When he awoke, his house had been reduced to ashes and he was a prisoner, pending to be judged by the shogun.

Being so young, he was exiled like his grandfather and earned the nickname “Ikari no Oni” (Wrath Demon) with a 127.000.000 bounty (Mostly because of the danger of his ability. Wa no Kuni let out a monster to the world)

Since then Enma has been wandering aimlessly, and decided that if everyone saw him as a demon, he would be the worst of them all.


Meeting with Eri:


- Their paths cross when they both pass through the same island, Enma was looking for some reward that he could collect to keep his way and Eri went looking for adventures.

The villagers discover Enma's identity and warn the Marine, Although Eri offers to help him, Enma rejects her help and refuses to look at her face, which annoys the girl very much.

Enma and Eri start a fight, but the marine interrupts them. Finally they join forces and escape together to the next island.

*Eri* - Why do you travel with me if you can't look me in the face?
*Enma* - It's that your face gives me bad Karma!
*Eri, Shock* - If my face is the problem the 90% is my father's fault!!
*Enma* - Is not that! There's something about you... You're twisted!
*Eri* Ah… That's because I'm a Curse. The Spiral curse.
*Enma, Shock* A Curse!?
*Eri* Why does it bother you? You are a demon!
*Enma* Ah, yeah, I'm a demon. *Peace simbol*


Well, he's Enma.

I love him. 

As I said: 
I'll be adding info little by little. 
I'll love to know your opinion about him~~

And Hope you like it~~!

More info about Eri 
Eri Official Reference

More Info about Ryuuken 
Dust and Thermite

Enma belongs to me. 
Art by me. 
One Piece belongs to Oda-Sensei.

::SKETCH:: Oni Oni no mi Enma

Hi babes, Lil here~~ 

This time is not a sketch from my Real World series
nop ._. 

Today is Enma's turn~~ 

Probably many don't even know who he is, but I love him. 
Enma is an OP OC from the "next generation" (Or something like that ._.)
Eri's Adventure~~ 

Until now I had just uploaded his profile and people didn't seem to like it very much so...
when I did these sketches nor did I consider submitting them here but, 
well, this last weekend Sokko reminded me of them xD 

So: Here you have it~~ 

These are the looks that Emma has every time he changes, 
Akaoni (Red Demon) and Aooni (Blue Demon) 
I still have to define his transformed aspect in the Great King Enma but... someday, for sure!

Anyway, as ever: 


And hope you like it~~ 

More info about Enma
Kuragari Enma Profile

Enma and his Devil Fruit belongs to me. 
Art by me. 
One Piece by Oda-Sensei~

[Real World Series] April from India

Hi babes, Lil here~~

Yesterday I was really inspired, seriously~~
I ended up sleeping at 2:30 am, but it was worth it.

April from India this time, absolutely in love with her pixie hair *^*

Well this one is the last Indian OC I'll accept,
I enjoyed doing this sketch too much ^^


And Hope you like it~~ 

Next coming --> Greek group, hope so. 

April belongs to :iconmangasia:
Art by me. 
OP By Oda-Sama.



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